Best Classic Toys 2003

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Educational Insights

Capsela Max-Out

  • Construction Toy
Ages: 7-12

Price: $99.95

Phone: 800-995-4436

Year Introduced: 1985

Educational Insights Capsela Max-Out

The Capsela motorized building system is sure to keep your young builder fascinated. Capsela consists of interlocking transparent capsules that combine science and learning. Other accessories include axels, links, vans and other components. There are specific activity books that explain basic concepts of electric circuits, motion transformation, wheels and so on. Capsela is a unique construction product that combines science and technology with play. The construction kit starts with the Power Set and builds to Max-Out with endless possibilities. There are over 100 land and water projects that can be made from this product.

Educational Insights is an outstanding company with excellent high-quality products. Their educational toys, teaching aids, exploration materials and digital devices provide educators and parents with affordable learning tools for children. To learn more about Educational Insights, visit their website at:

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