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Horizon Shine Toy Co.


  • Active Product
  • Novelty
  • Travel
  • Transportation
  • Toy
Ages: 7-12

Price: $14.99

Phone: 845-895-3805

Year Introduced: 1993

Horizon Shine Toy Co. Top-no-sis

This hypno-top has been renamed the LSX and is a lot of fun. The characteristics of the LSX make it quite unique in the world of tops in that it has changed the scope of playing with spinning tops. Other perfectly balanced tops cannot do TOP-NO-SIS. You no longer sit and watch a top do its thing. You now must interact with it, using great care an skill in order to keep the LSX spinning. TOP-NO-SIS is the world’s longest spinning top and is a two-part toy. One part is the spinning top and the other part is the 14” square game board. It helps to develop active skills that combine the yo-yo with the hula-hoop. It’s made to move continuously by tilting the board so that with the rotation, the top continues. There are many different ways to play with Top-no-sis, including quietly in a seatbelt. Your child will find it challenging. It can be tossed while it is spinning. It teaches basic principles of physics. It also helps to improve motor coordination, visual tracking skills and fine motor skills.

In 1975 The Horizon Shine Toy Company started by a hypno-therapist named Ed Rubin. In 1996, it gained a Guinness World Record, and again in 1998 it set the record by a 15 year old for two hours and 52 minutes. This record can be found at He sold the product exclusively through the FAO Schwarz stores. To learn more about Horizon Shine Toys Co. visit their website at: or call (845) 895-3805.

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