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Maple Landmark Woodcraft

Name Train

  • Active Product
  • Creative Product
  • Educational Skills Product
  • Transportation
  • Toy
Ages: 3-5

Price: $4.75

Phone: 800-421-4223

Year Introduced: 1993

Maple Landmark Woodcraft Name Train

Your child will be impressed with his or her own name made up as part of a train and will thoroughly enjoy playing with it. These letters are each about 2 Ĺ inches high and 3 inches long. The Name Train includes an engine, a caboose and is compatible with other wooden train tracks and accessories. Each car of the train is connected by simple magnets. This product is made simply and with durability from New England Rock Maple. It has a colorful and non-toxic finish. Each car is handcrafted in Vermont. The color stain allows the wood grain to show through. The basic colors are primary- the engine is always black and the caboose always red. This product makes a wonderful gift. It is a delightful product your child will want to keep for a long time.

In 1979, Mike Rainville founded The Maple Landmark Company. He turned a hobby project into wooden products in Lincoln, Vermont. The company was called Maple Landmark because that was the name of the Maple Sugar business and farm of his family for more than 65 years. He purchased the Trolls Toy Workshop and began developing production based on the alphabet. The Name Trainís trademark is a unique product that has remained popular. In 2001, they purchased Montgomery Schoolhouse and continued to develop products. Their products are classic and delightful and stem from the traditions of early craftspeople making a variety of toys from wood. You can learn more about both companies on their websites: and or by calling (802) 388-0627.

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