Best Classic Toys 2003

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Schoenhut Toy Piano Co.

Traditional Spinet (Model 6625)

  • Educational Skills Product
  • Toy
Ages: 2-7

Price: $159.95

Phone: 888-414-2739

Year Introduced: 1950

Schoenhut Toy Piano Co. Traditional Spinet (Model 6625)

Help your child to discover and practice developing their musical talent by introducing them to this lovely piano. It is available in many styles. An addition the piano offers a unique play-by-color teaching system. The learning system is unique to this program. It helps the child to learn how to play easily. The removable color-coded strip fits behind the keys to guide your child’s fingers from chord to chord. There is a song book that contains many familiar tunes. This classic piano is a great way to get them started including practicing the finger stretch required for playing and making it easier for the transition to a larger piano. The piano has high quality sound and is a delightful instrument.

In 1872, Albert Schoenhut brought a piano to the United States from Germany. It was hand crafted from the finest materials. The piano was used by Margaret Leng Tan for the CD “The Art of the Toy Piano”. You can learn more about Schoenhut Toy Piano Company by visiting their website:

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