Best Classic Toys 2003

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Spin Master Toys

Electronic Slinky

  • Electronic
Ages: 5-9

Price: $19.90

Phone: 800-622-8339

Year Introduced: 1943

Spin Master Toys Electronic Slinky

Slinky is celebrating its 60th anniversary this year with the introduction of Electronic Slinky- Slinky’s hip and funky nephew. Electronic Slinky is a fully interactive, super intelligent version of Slinky. Electronic Slinky can talk, it can play music, it has 3 fun electronic games and you will also be mesmerized by its wild, flashing electronic-luminescent lights. Electronic Slinky even also speaks and can say over 30 different phrases. But we must not forget what made the original Slinky so popular- Electronic Slinky still loves to go down stairs!

Spin Master was founded as a partnership in 1994. The first product ever produced by these entrepreneurs was the Earth Buddy; a small novelty “head” that sprouted grass hair when set it water. They built a business with innovative products. You can learn more about Spin Master Toys by visiting their website:

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