Best Classic Toys 2003

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T.J. Whitneys Traditional Toys

Wooden Marbles and Blocks

  • Construction Toy
Ages: 4-10

Price: $40.00

Phone: 250-995-0055

Year Introduced: 1928

T.J. Whitneys Traditional Toys Wooden Marbles and Blocks

The product first introduced in 1920 is a construction toy that allows your child to build castles, towers and other buildings. The child can combine different colored marbles and patterns. All of the blocks can be pushed together to form a solid area. There are 41 colored marbles in each color. There are 16 wooden blocks total. Both sides of each block have indentations. These are non-toxic and child-safe blocks but are not to be played with by children under the age of three. Your child will enjoy developing their coordination and dexterity in playing with these toys.

T.J. Whitney's Traditional Toys was founded in 1999 in British Columbia, Canada by proprietor, Janice Prittie, with the premise of bringing back some long forgotten toys from the golden era. It's first product ""Wooden Marbles and Blocks"" has received some impressive awards including; Best Toy 2000 from Parent Magazine, Best Toy 2000 from Child Magazine, Best Vacation Toy 2000 from Dr. Toy and Top Toy 2001 from Today's Parent. This toy is manufactured and shipped from T.J. Whitney's warehouse facilities in Victoria, B.C. To learn more about this company, visit their website:

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