Best Classic Toys 2003

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Winning Moves Games


  • Card Game
Ages: 7-12

Price: $10.95

Phone: 800-578-2468

Year Introduced: 1903

Winning Moves Games Flinch

Flinch was first introduced in 1903. This is a fast and fun card game in which players try and get rid of the cards in their stockpile by playing them in numerical sequence onto the play pile on the table. You can store the cards that are not playable in the reserve pile. You win by being the first to play all ten cards in your stock pile. This classic card game has 5 new variations including a solitaire version. There’s also a Flinch wild cards that have been added to the deck. Approximate playtime is 30 minutes.

Winning Moves was founded in 1995. Winning Moves is a leading maker of classic card games, children’s fun/learning games and also adult party games. Four highly experienced game lovers founded winning Moves. Since its first year in business in 1995, it has forged a close relationship with Hasbro, Inc--the world’s second largest toy company. You can learn more about Winning Moves Games by visiting their website:

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