Best Vacation Toys 2003

Action Products International

Drop Zone Extreme

  • Toy
Ages: 5-12

Price: $9.99

Phone: 800-772-2846

Year Introduced: 2001

 Action Products International / Drop Zone Extreme

These colorful little characters will delight your youngster during the summer. They have parachutes that drop in place. There is plenty of fun with Tailspin Tyler who twists and soars on his sky board with a parachute and a removable sky board. Sky Eye Skylar practices stunts in a suit and a mounted camera to take in all of the action. Hot Seat Harry is a smoke jumper that defends natural parks and parachutes into the middle of forest fires to put out the blaze. Free Falliní Fiona helps people that are hurt during forest fires. All of the figures are poseable and have detachable, tangle-proof parachutes, a target game and other accessories. You can play with these characters outside by dropping them on their plastic targets on the ground.

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