Best Vacation Toys 2003

Boggle Goggle Enterprises

Pinatta's View-A Trip to the Dentist

  • Video Tape
Ages: 2-5

Price: $14.95

Phone: 978-287-4628

Year Introduced: 2001

 Boggle Goggle Enterprises / Pinatta's View-A Trip to the Dentist

This is an independent women’s group that produces products based on learning and educational entertainment. Pinatta’s View will help your child to reduce their fear of going to the dentist. It helps them to understand what to expect and also provides some good songs to take their minds off of their fears. This video is soothing, calming, it is paced well and will be a positive way of assisting your child in getting over any concerns they have with visiting the dentist. There is a script with puppeteers and there are plenty of good adventures involved with the story. Pinatta is a quirky talk show host that takes children on a trip to the dentist, along with music, puppets and the child’s point of view. It builds their confidence and familiarity. The perspective from the child is well done and it is definitely a positive experience. It has been endorsed by both professionals and dentists and most of all children.

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