Best Vacation Toys 2003



  • Board Game
  • Educational Skills Product
Ages: 3-6

Price: $16.95

Phone: 877-272-6486

Year Introduced: 2002

 Cranium / Cariboo

'The makers of Cranium have come up with a wonderful game for children. This game takes children on an exciting exploration of the Golden Island of Cariboo. Players will find castles, boats, balloons and more. Kids will enjoy taking turns to match the drawings, unlock secret doors and discover hidden treasures. There are 4 easy learning fundamentals: the alphabet, numbers, shapes and colors. With each correct match, players get to unlock the key and peak inside for a treasure. Players begin by dropping 6 treasure balls into Cariboo secret tunnels. Each hides one treasure ball behind one of the 15 doors. You never know where the balls will land. The youngest player goes first, drawing a card from the deck and matching the card to one of the pictures on the game board. There are 4 types of matching cards: letter cards, number cards, colors and shapes. When the card matches the door, the player opens it with a key. If a treasure ball is hiding behind the door, the player gets to place it in the tumbling tide pool. When the last ball is placed inside the tumbling tide pool, the chest opens to reveal the treasure inside and itís time to play again. Cranium has lots of wonderful products already available for players of all ages.

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