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Developing Hearts Systems

Bonding with Baby Developmental Books

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Ages: 1-12 mos

Price: $20.00

Phone: 866-527-8463

Year Introduced: 2002

 Developing Hearts Systems / Bonding with Baby Developmental Books

'These four unique books are geared toward babyís first 12 months and will bring them through the development stages of security, discovery, play and dialogue. Ideal first books for infants, they feature pictures without words so that your baby can point to pictures and develop language recognition. This activity will help new parents to communicate and have fun dialogue with their baby. The stories capture times that are delightful and will help busy parents to find quality time to enjoy gentle stimulation with their baby. These board books are safe and sized just right for tiny fingers. The books were developed in 1998 by a group of educators in Stratford, Connecticut who wanted to find a way to reduce the number of children entering school unprepared to learn. The books are now available direct from Developing Hearts, the non-profit educational publisher. All proceeds help supply books to families in need through Healthy Families America and the Public Library Association. Itís recognized that children need reading readiness and pre-reading skills. The Bonding with Baby program consists of an in-home parent education video, the point and share board books to assist parents in understanding the importance of reading from the earliest age. These kits are being provided free to thousands of low-income families in the Healthy Families Program in 82 sites nation-wide. There is a solid research background for Reading Readiness and learning more about this important skill will benefit all families. This is important material for anytime of the year.

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