Best Vacation Toys 2003

Dr. Mac Productions

A Pocket of Tunes

  • Compact Disc
  • Educational Skills Product
Ages: 3-9

Price: $16.95

Phone: 877-886-3723

Year Introduced: 2003

 Dr. Mac Productions / A Pocket of Tunes

These 14 catchy, engaging songs have kids and adults singing along. The original materials were developed by Dr. Mac, a child psychologist and song writer with the PBS series Jay Jay the Jet Plane. The song lyrics are included so that you can learn the words and there are interactive coloring pages. This product comes with other useful materials like literature connections to picture books with related themes. There is a menu of over 40 activities for social and emotional learning, including practicing listening, developing a friendship book, dressing up for ‘Manner’s Day’ and performing for talent night. The response to this product has been very favorable from professionals, parents and children. This is music you can feel good about using with your children. This has quality and substance and is packaged in a very entertaining format. This product touches on the themes that are important to children and provides a positive spin on music and singing.

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