Best Vacation Toys 2003


  • Educational Skills Product
  • Electronic Game
  • Transportation
  • Travel
Ages: 7-12

Price: $49.95

Phone: 800-884-3531

Year Introduced: 2002

This product was developed by Chuck Resor when he noticed that his son was not learning the multiplication tables as well as he should and he wasn’t self-confident. He looked for a software program but didn’t find a product that was helpful. He discovered a share-ware program called ‘Funnels and Buckets’ which was better at selecting the learning process. He saw that it was difficult to keep track of progress. He was spending a lot of time and wasting it trying to help his son so he decided on a child portable hand-held device that turns on immediately and that could retain and quickly display the detailed history of an entire practice session. It was a way of getting the child to learn and see results and all he had to do was practice for 10 minutes. The FlashMaster is a fun 11-ounce handheld computer with a large, clear display that helps children--essentially on their own--master the basic math facts in addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. The problems are alternated so that the child gets plenty of practice in the particular area of focus. Your child will have the chance to practice also in random order. This product has been reviewed in many publications for teachers and consumers. Each product comes with a 40 page manual which serves as a guide for parents and teachers. It enables the busy parent to check quickly and in detail the work that their child has done. This product comes highly recommended. It will help your child to improve their mathematical abilities and gain confidence. The FlashMaster comes complete with 2 AA batteries.

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