Best Vacation Toys 2003

Games for All Reasons


  • Board Game
Ages: 12-up

Price: $29.95

Phone: 781-648-2029

Year Introduced: 2003

 Games for All Reasons / Red-Handed

'This game can be played by 2-6 players or in teams. There are 450 clue cards and 50 score and red handed cards. The game is made up of 5 different color schemes- blue, green, yellow, red, black and white. Players travel around a game board, landing on colored spaces. Players receive clues based on the color of the space. For example, players stopping on a green space might receive a clue from the color card, “having a talent for making plants grow”- the answer would be ‘green thumb’. The player landing on a yellow space may get a clue card sighting “a telephone directory with business listings” and “yellow pages” would be the correct response. Answers to the clues are names and personalities, places, items, expressions or titles that contain a color. They range from Anne Green Gables to the Golden Gate Bridge. Once the player answers the clue, they can draw a card from the stack. The game contains score cards and red handed cards. While collecting score cards is the object of the game, players are caught red handed if they draw a card with a red hand on it. Those players must wait to land on a hand space on the game board to get rid of this card. Once the player lands on a hand space, they forfeit the red handed card. Then they have a chance to answer a clue card and the game proceeds. The first player to collect 5 score cards is the winner. This is a fun game for the whole family.

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