Best Vacation Toys 2003

Hands On Toys

Crunch Art Travel Kit

  • Arts & Crafts
  • Travel
Ages: 5-12

Price: $12.00

Phone: 888-442-6376

Year Introduced: 2003

 Hands On Toys / Crunch Art Travel Kit

This is a great new product in a travel box that comes complete with a handle and storage box. You can create art by inserting colorful pieces of fabric into foam. You use the cruncher to push the fabric into the foam. You get great sounds and colors and can make any design you want. This is a wonderful product for anytime of the year but it is particularly good during the summer when children are looking for fun activities to keep them busy. There are a series of different crunch art products- one travel kit specifically that will make their time traveling more fun. The fabrics are in easy reach and are safe and simple to use. There is no glue and no mess- just everything you need to create a collage or special scene.

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