Best Vacation Toys 2003


Metanon: The Biocode Adventure

  • Board Game
  • Educational Skills Product
Ages: 5-12

Price: $29.99

Phone: 866-305-7376

Year Introduced: 2003

 kSERO / Metanon: The Biocode Adventure

Your spaceship has been forced to land on the planet of Mentanon. The computer is damaged; you must complete your mission and return home. All you need to find are three missing items. You can only get them by entering three walled cities. You must collect biocodes and use them to unlock the city’s gates. This object of this fantasy board game is to be one of the first three characters to find your ship’s supply and blast off. By playing this game, your child begins to understand how DNA works. It helps children to develop critical thinking skills. Included are six playing pieces, 144 biocodes, 6 space ships, 6 oxygen tanks, 8 cards, instructions, a parent guide and much more. It teaches the concepts of DNA without the complicated terminology. This game was developed by Dr. Susan Hardwicke and Dr. Donald Abraham from their work in educational assessment and scientific research.

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