Best Vacation Toys 2003

Learning Resources

Reading Rods Phonics Activity Sets

  • Educational Skills Product
  • Travel
Ages: 6-12

Price: $29.95

Phone: 888-800-7893

Year Introduced: 2003

 Learning Resources / Reading Rods Phonics Activity Sets

This is a wonderful handy set of reading materials to take along on travel that will help your child. The set includes reading rods that are alphabetical blocks which fit in the grooves and will help the child develop their ability to spell and identify words. There are 96 reading rods connected to the program. This product comes complete with an activity tray, binder, dry-erase board, pen and eraser. The program includes phonics activities for children of different ages for various purposes such as spelling and sentence building. Four programs include letters and sounds, word building, sentence building and spelling. Starting at age 4 with letters and sounds, the child will identify sounds and match letter sounds with pictures, learn the alphabet, build simple words and practice letter writing. Your child can take this easy to carry program along with them wherever they are and use it year-round. This is a wonderful, useful product.

The reading rods product has been successful in the classroom and comes to consumers in a portable kit that promotes hands-on learning, reading and writing skills.

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