Best Vacation Toys 2003



  • Electronic
  • Educational Skills Product
Ages: 4-6

Price: $49.99

Phone: 800-220-3669

Year Introduced: 2003

 Neurosmith / MagnaPhonics

Children will enjoy learning letter names and sounds, building new words, and playing spelling games with this portable, magical magnetic letter wand. Manipulate the letter tiles to learn better names and sounds while building new words and playing games. Slide the magnetic letter tiles to the learning board and explore the different ways to make sounds. The tiles are locked in a board set with easy to carry handle. There are four modes of play: ‘Sing It’, ‘Find It’, ‘Sound It Out’, and ‘Spell It’. There are 26 magnetic letter tiles included and an easy to take along container. This is an enjoyable product that will be a good tool for children to learn the basics of language.

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