Best Vacation Toys 2003


WordXchange Junior

  • Board Game
Ages: 5-10

Price: $25.99

Phone: 866-386-9673

Year Introduced: 2002

 ProDiJeux / WordXchange Junior

This game teaches children to build their vocabulary in a contest to make and keep words. Players take turns using magnetic tiles to complete short, three letter words on word guards placed around the board. The player who completes the word on the word card gets to keep it. No word is safe as players can steal opponentís words by adding one or more letters or reshuffling them into a new or more interesting word. The winner is the first player to make and line up five words. Each new word may multiply as the possibility of making more. Itís a fast game, goes around quickly and children really enjoy playing this. It comes with 20 word cards designed to build anagrams and boost word power. There are different levels of play. After you get the first set, you can purchase additional packages of word cards to increase the level of the game and increase the word level complexity. Teachers like this product as well as parents. Learning is disguised within a fun strategy game and makes for fast, active play. Children begin to see words as different ways to express themselves and be creative. Detailed instructions provide offensive and defensive strategies, restrictions and time limits. This is a variation of the adult game and is a great way to get kids involved. There is a set of 20 special word cards, 126 magnetic letter tiles, an hourglass timer and a soft-draw string storage pouch for the tiles.

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