Best Vacation Toys 2003


Create, See & Draw

  • Arts & Crafts
  • Book
  • Creative Product
  • Educational Skills Product
  • Travel
Ages: 6-12

Price: $10.00

Phone: 404-614-1742

Year Introduced: 2003

 Uniset / Create, See & Draw

This is a popular product that is great for travel. The play sets consist of a play board with magic stickers that can be moved around and reused to make different stories. The system has been in existence for over 25 years, established by a Danish company. This is a product that has delighted children’s active minds. Children like to develop their ability to think and to play with stories at the same time. The company also offers Picture Bingo and different themes. Some of the themes are dinosaurs, zoos, ponies, airport and fairytales. Create, See & Draw is a wonderful way to draw pictures, cartoons and you can take them along with you wherever you go. Your child will learn how to draw as they gain confidence. The combination of creating, drawing and placing the figures in different shapes is going to intrigue your little artist.

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