Best Vacation Toys 2003

Visual Development

Baby Eyes

  • Video Tape
Ages: 1-36 mos

Price: $14.95

Phone: 877-439-3843

Year Introduced: 2003

 Visual Development / Baby Eyes

This VHS video is designed for infant viewing with a high-resolution abstract color animation. The visuals are synchronized with classical music and the child who watches may well gain a head start in the vital areas of visual perception and coordination. To maximize baby’s visual learning potential, Baby Eyes video combines moving images and patterns with appropriate classical music soundtracks. The creators, Dr. Steven Newman and Eric Radzwill are certified optometric physicians and trained vision scientists. They offer a video tape developing the practical experience based on scientific educational research. Parents speak enthusiastically about this product, saying that the child enjoys it and seems to get a lot of pleasure from watching it.

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