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  • Compact Disc
  • Electronic Game
  • Educational Skills
  • Software
Age Range: 1 - 5
Price: $99.00
Phone: 800-837-6527
Year Released: 2004
 Comfy / EasyPC

This is the most effective play-and-learn keyboard to enable children to learn and play with the PC. It will provide an excellent platform for education and entertainment. It is easy for your child to use and will provide fun for the whole family. The keyboard has large colorful buttons, friendly animated characters and it inspires effective learning. The special software offers various levels of challenge development that will grow with your child as they do. The Comfy Keyboard connects to any PC with easy plug-in play connections. It is a great value.

Other products in the Comfy line include First Steps at the beginnerís level, Letís Imagine at the intermediate level and New Friends at the advanced level and other products as well. This is an outstanding product line. Your little computer whiz will thoroughly enjoy these products.

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