Toads of Fun

Age Range:
    4 - 8



Intro Year:

Toy Types:
    Board Game
    Educational Skills Product
 Dad's Ink / Toads of Fun
This is a fun game to help your child develop cognitive skills and learn more about colors and numbers. Players move their toads around the lily pond catching flies based on matching a color and a number on the spinner to the same color and number on the lily pads. This game also develops manipulative skills as the players spin and move the game pieces. Memory skills are used as rules of the game are applied to situations that come up. Analytical thinking skills are used when players control the bumblebee and get to consider different possible places to put the bee and what consequence each possible choice might have. This game comes complete with six die-cut toads, 36 die-cut flies, one die-cut bee, and a board with two spinners, game board playing surface showing pond with lily pads, SPLASH spots and logs. Bi-lingual set of instructions are available in English and Spanish.

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