Age Range:
    6 - 12



Intro Year:

Toy Types:
 Wow Wee / Robosapien
This is a full function fast- moving robot that will keep your young scientist engaged in imaginative play. Robosapien was designed by a robotics physicist who developed the basics for biomorphic robotics in 1988. It has a number of features made possible by advanced technologies: fluid motions and gestures, fast dynamic two-speed walking and turning and full-function arms with two types of grippers. There are 67 pre-programmed functions: pick-up, throw, kick, dance, kung-fu, rap and more. It is fully programmable by remote control with up to 84 program steps and four program modes for advanced operations. Your child can program its “reflexes” to sound and touch stimuli. Command him to perform one of his pre-programmed functions or program your own sequence of functions. Robosapien is ready to go right out of the box (just install his batteries). He comes to life at a touch of the ergonomically designed remote controller. Watch its eyes glow red as personality and attitude mix with technology and open-ended creativity. This humanoid robot will help your child’s imagination come to life as they gain knowledge while they engage in lots of hands-on play. Requires 4 D batteries not included.

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