Age Range:
    8 - 12



Intro Year:

Toy Types:
    Creative Product
    Educational Skills Product
    Fantasy Play
 big BOING Toys/Right Brain / Gnomads™
Gnomads™ are pocket-sized adventurous figures you send out on fun journeys you create and track at . Dream up your own special adventure and register your global trekking gnome at . The Gnomads™ consist of Tropical Vacationer, Seasoned Traveler, Day-tripper, Tourist, Urban Explorer and Backpacker. Each figure has a unique ID number printed on the bottom of its shoes. You can give your Gnomads™ to a friend or send it around the world, around the neighborhood or with Mom on a business trip. Customize its identity with decorative decals that are included. View the adventures you send your Gnomad™ through stories and pictures posted by GUARDIANS to your own, secure home page. It’s free for one year! Receive “postcards” sent to your email when a GUARDIAN creates a new journal entry. Create challenges to other Gnomads™, join clubs or even get into the Hall of Fame. The 24 variety pack comes with the countertop display. Gnomads™ will help spark creativity and ignite imagination through rich play. They are great fun for anyone with an outgoing spirit.

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