Age Range:
    8 - 12



Intro Year:

Toy Types:
    Board Game
    Educational Skills Product
 RiverEdge Game / Wordigo
This game looks similar to Scrabble, but has its own style of playing. There’s a playing board and eight tiles. You place them in the rack. There’s a seven-minute timer to begin. You form a word on Path One, but before you go on to Path Two you replenish the letter rack so there are always eight tiles on it. You complete all the paths before time runs out and receive completion points. The first player to complete all the paths receives bonus points. This game helps children think, develop math and verbal skills, and allows dictionaries to be used during the game. It appeals to children in school and at home. No one has to wait for other players to complete their turn. You get your own playing board and own set of tiles. You compete against yourself. There are four copies of four different game boards that offer varying degrees of difficulty. Using alternative rules of play, children can play with adults. This is a perfect game for children to play alone, or with friends. This is the kind of game that helps children learn and participate more readily. The inventor of this game, Phillip Zweig, tested the product with over a thousand people including 800 students ranging from 8 to 13. The name of the game came from blending “word” and “vertigo”.

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