Spin, Read & Play. Your World Starts Here!

Age Range:
    6 - 12



Intro Year:

Toy Types:
    Active Toy
    Board Game
    Educational Skills Product
    Socially Responsible
 Innovative Kids / Spin, Read & Play. Your World Starts Here!
This is a collection of five action-packed board games to explore a child’s world- a journey that starts at home and expands to the universe and beyond. Visit all the people and places in the neighborhood. “Who’s Who” is a family tree game that challenges players to race to the finish line. “In The House” is a hunt and find game. “Uptown, Downtown invites players to collect the most items from the neighborhood. “All Around The World” is a game of countries and cultures where players race to be the first to gather the souvenirs. “Space Race”- the game of stars and planets invites players on a galactic journey through space. This product comes with a built-in spinner for use with all five games. A handy storage compartment holds all 14 game pieces. . This is a fun set of games that will provide a hands-on learning experience for your child.

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