This Little Piggy Stayed Home DVD

Age Range:
    1 - 4



Intro Year:

Toy Types:
    Arts and Crafts
    Educational Skills Product
    Video Tape
 Way Way Entertainment / This Little Piggy Stayed Home DVD
A video that will bring fun at home and provide entertainment and creativity for the whole family. It includes ‘parachute time’ where you can play with a parachute, using a sheet or pillowcase. ‘Art Time’ will provide time for your child to delight in creating their very own puppet. ‘Music Time’ will introduce home-made instruments like plastic buckets and wooden spoons. Games like a “Freeze Dance” and “Piggy Sez” are fun to play. This video includes music to help teach the alphabet and basic counting skills. A song booklet is included with stickers and lists all of the items that you need. This is a wonderful video with lots of great value. This new video was created by Diane Solomon and Julie Marshall.

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