Firefighter George & Today's Mighty Trains

Age Range:
    2 - 8



Intro Year:

Toy Types:
    Active Toy
    Educational Skills Product
    Socially Responsible
    Video Tape
 Start Smarter Videos / Firefighter George & Today's Mighty Trains
This is an excellent video that will teach your child about trains, different kinds of railcars and how they operate. Join Firefighter George as he teams up with Firefighter Christy and Junior engineers as they help teach the top ten lessons on train safety. See how the engineer works the controls in the cabs on Diesel Electric and Transit trains. Ride along and watch high bridges, through dark tunnels and around sharp curves. Explore the conductor’s “home away from home” inside the caboose. Watch the elephants, horses and zebras unloading from a circus train. See where passengers eat and sleep while riding on a train. Hear the loud bang as rail cars couple together in a rail yard. This VHS video is forty minutes long.

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