Age Range:
    3 - 7



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Toy Types:
    Active Toy
    Educational Skills Product
    Outdoor Product
    Travel Item
 KikaFlik / KikaFlik
This product was developed by a pediatric nurse and gymnastic coach to introduce a new concept in developing co-ordination, balance and timing skills in a simple, imaginative way. Using KikaFlik is very easy. Children as young as three years will have fun for hours while learning balance, timing, eye/hand/foot co-ordination, ball skills and target skills. Place the ball on the hole at the end of the KikaFlik board, stand at the other end and stomp on the board to flick the ball into the air ready for catching. When that move is mastered your child moves on to the next stage where he or she stands at the high end of the board, but this time rolls the ball down a timing channel. The player watches the ball until it reaches the end of the channel and then stomps on the board to flick the ball into the air. If the timing is right the ball will soar high in the air. Bats and rackets can be introduced at this stage for training in stroke technique. This product is made from quality materials and comes complete with three different sized soft foam balls for safe play. This product builds physical skills and confidence.

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