NAMiTS, The Game of Think

Age Range:
    4 - 12



Intro Year:

Toy Types:
    Card Game
    Creative Product
    Educational Skills Product
 NAMiTSts / NAMiTSts, The Game of Think
This is an original game of fun word association that comes as a brightly colored set of 22 adorable, waterproof cards secured by a cable-lock ring. Each card features a series of words written in a variety of fun colors. Form a NAMiTS question using the first card in one of the color-coded sections of the card deck, then get ready for some mind-stretching—and often times very funny—brainstorming. For example: "Name things that are...sticky." You will be surprised at what the players come up with. The game is portable and pocket-sized and is suitable for play in the classroom, in the car, in restaurants, waiting rooms- wherever parents and children want to pass the time in a stimulating educational way. This product comes complete with 22 credit card sized cards made of synthetic material that is durable, waterproof, tear proof and non-toxic, two brightly colored star shaped plastic beads, a mesh grape bag that makes it secure for packing and easy to grasp game instructions. The game is made in Maine, USA.

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