Plasticant Mobilo Building & Construction Toy #102 Group Set

Age Range:
    3 - 8



Intro Year:

Toy Types:
    Active Toy
    Construction Toy
    Creative Product
    Educational Skills Product
 Plasticant-Mobilo / Plasticant Mobilo Building & Construction Toy #102 Group Set
This is a wonderfully unique construction toy that will help your child develop motor skills, creativity and self confidence. Mobilio consists of basic building elements such as circles, rectangles, squares, ladders, triangles, quarter-circles, angles, axles and wheels. Flexible connectors allow children to join the different elements together and to expand the system to a complex constructional kit. All the parts have bright, cheerful colors and are perfect for little hands to grasp. Your child’s knowledge and experience needful in recognition of combinations, tactile and balance skills, stability and mobility improve. Construct objects, vehicles, human beings and other creatures from your imagination. This is a great versatile educational toy used to further manual skills and psychological development.

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