Talk Blocks

Age Range:
    3 - 9



Intro Year:

Toy Types:
    Educational Skills Product
    Socially Responsible
 Innovative Interaction / Talk Blocks
This is an innovative communication tool that will help your child to build self-confidence and improve motor skills. It is a wonderfully simple way for your child to share feelings and needs while engaging in interactive play. The set includes two red “I feel” blocks with twelve different emotions that include sad, angry and embarrassed illustrated both with words and images and two green “I need” blocks with twelve different needs including a hug, a cry or to be alone. Choose an emotion from the red blocks, then a need from the green ones. By letting your child express both how they feel and what they need gives them a positive way to respond to their emotions while. It will also help them to identify what is needed to address their feelings. This is a perfect product to enjoy at home, daycare or in the classroom. These four colorful large wooden blocks come in a sturdy tray with a graphic gauge that is used to indicate intensity of feelings and needs. A training guide and instructional DVD are also included.

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