When Bullfrogs Croak CD

Age Range:
    5 - 10



Intro Year:

Toy Types:
    Compact Disc
    Educational Skills Product
 Zak Records / When Bullfrogs Croak CD
This musical collection is full of wit, warmth and clever wordplay that will keep your child enchanted as they listen. Guitarist-singer-songwriter Zak Morgan has been characterized as a cross between Dr. Seuss and Shel Silverstein because of the fun he has with language. The CD is full of wordplay with a “Zakland’s Unabridged Dictionary” to help bring children up to speed on the hundreds of words, references and “Zak-isms” in the lyrics. Zak uses music, theatre, magic and comedy to encourage children to read books and use their imaginations. Songs include “It’s a Drag to Be a Dragon” and the cover to Cat Stevens’ “Unicorn.” “The Pox of Chicken” is a good cluck-along song. This CD provides a lot of sophisticated fun that children will enjoy.

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