Hey, Dad - Let's Talk

Age Range:
    3 - 10



Intro Year:

Toy Types:
    Board Game
    Socially Responsible
 CTC Publishing / Hey, Dad - Let's Talk
This is a new board game that will help fathers and their children communicate effectively while having fun. Players take turns rolling dice and moving game pieces around the board. They must follow instructions on the board or pick a card from one of three decks. A fourth deck is available to help pre-school children to play. The game includes dice, five unique playing pieces, and crayons, balls, coins, Fun Dough and other toys. This game can be played in the home and also is used by counselors and teachers to help children increase their communications skills. It can also be used in parent training sessions. A companion game- Hey, Mom- Letís Talk is also in development. Your family will have lots of fun with this game where everyone is a winner.

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