Versatiles® Kindergarten Starter Set

Age Range:
    5 - 6



Intro Year:

Toy Types:
    Educational Skills Product
 ETA/Cuisenaire / Versatiles® Kindergarten Starter Set
This is an excellent educational tool to introduce your kindergarten child or student to the world of phonics. It will help improve awareness, letter recognition, colors and shapes, patterns, classifications and more. This set is an independent, self-correcting tool that is perfect for at home or in the classroom. Brightly colored, fun activities and an Answer Case specially designed for small hands allow children to enjoy themselves as they learn and reinforce key skills. The self-correcting format allows children to work at their own pace, while building their self-confidence and motivation to learn. The VersaTiles® Kindergarten Starter Set comes complete with eight colorful, non-consumable Activity Books, one Resource Guide and one specially designed Answer Case. This program is also available as a Lab for classroom use. See other products such as the new math rods.

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