Storycard Theater™

Age Range:
    3 - 8



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    Educational Skills Product
 Leaf Moon Arts / Storycard Theater™
Based on traditional Japanese picture-card stories called kamishibai (paper drama), the Storycard Theater™ format allows you to read to a group of children while showing them the pictures. Storycard Theater™ dramas are printed on 12 sturdy, 13-inch-wide (33 cm) cards. The back of each card features clear, kid-tested text and a smaller version of the colorful artwork the audience is seeing. No longer do you have to twist your neck to read a picture book! And with the freedom to face your audience, you can concentrate on the performance. Now anyone can be a storyteller—it's easy and fun.

Storycard Theater™ dramas are ideal for classrooms, birthday parties, daycare centers, family gatherings, and for students learning English. In fact, many children enjoy performing them for each other, or inventing their own stories based on the artwork.

Available stories include "Momotaro—the Peach Boy" and a new version of "Jack and the Beanstalk," written to demonstrate positive themes such as kindness, teamwork, and honesty in an exciting setting. The handmade Storycard Theater™ Presentation Frame, sold separately, can help create an elegant stage for your storytelling.

Leaf Moon Arts is excited to bring back this unique and effective form of storytelling. Through Storycard Theater™, we hope to help children establish good values—and have fun—for many years to come.

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