15 Inch Zip-ity Do Dolly

Age Range:
    1 - 8



Intro Year:

Toy Types:
 Goldberger Doll Mfg / 15 Inch Zip-ity Do Dolly
This adorable doll is soft, loveable and will help your child to develop self confidence and improve emotional development, social, and motor skill activities. Zip-Ity-Do-Dolly has working buttons, snaps, zipper, and laces that will help develop motor skills while the child is playing with it. It is machine washable. This doll is covered with words to read, textures to explore and activities seven in all. Her hooded patchwork jumper features a large pink button to be pushed through the hole in the yellow satin pocket. Your child will enjoy a pink snap on cotton and yellow zipper with a plush pull. One shoe buckles while the other is a lace-up and every activity is labeled to teach pre-reading skills. A daisy-shaped rattle is sewn into one pocket so it would not get lost. The Velcro on the back of the rattle helps dolly to hold the rattle. Now in its 88th year, Goldberger is one of the oldest doll companies in America, founded in 1916 by Hungarian immigrant Eugene Goldberger. He began his toy career cutting patterns for teddy bears. Both of these dolls come with a lifetime guarantee.

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