Age Range:
    3 - 6



Intro Year:

Toy Types:
    Active Toy
    Educational Skills Product
    Fantasy Play
 BOX-Carz / BOX-Carz
This is an imaginative toy that will keep your pre-school child entertained while they learn. BOX-Carz are lightweight corrugated car shaped boxes with bright graphics of various vehicles. Lowered back panel for easy access, with hand holds cut from each side, children can step in, pick them up and "drive" into their own make believe scenarios. Choose from 3 premiere styles: a fire-rescue vehicle, police or race car. BOX-Carz are simple, safe, colorful, collapsible, easy to store and environmentally friendly. Each vehicle can steer you child's imagination down the road to hours of creative play. There are no batteries and no assembly required. Step into a BOX-Car, it's transportation powered by imagination.

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