Make-Your-Own™ Games

Age Range:
    6 - 12



Intro Year:

Toy Types:
    Arts and Crafts
    Board Game
    Creative Product
    Educational Skills Product
 Made By Hands / Make-Your-Own™ Games
This is an amazingly innovative and fun art activity kit that will allow your child to invent and design their very own board games, dice games and card games. Each kit comes with one folding game board, one spinner (already assembled), two large dice, six small dice and a deck of cards- all in plain white sturdy cardboard waiting to be designed and adorned with over 800 Pop-Outs™ in six great colors in black. A glue stick is also included in a kid-friendly, portable portfolio with Velcro® closures. This kit is part of a line of children’s activity kits that spark creativity, imagination and originality. It celebrates the creative process rather than a specific result. Children will enjoy playing with the geometric pop-out shapes that are perfect die-cuts for little hands. There is no cutting and no mess.

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