Age Range:
    4 - 11



Intro Year:

Toy Types:
    Creative Product
    Electronic Game
    Travel Item
 Ohio Art / ETO
This is a fun electronic creativity system that will help your child to develop their imagination. This drawing station can also be hooked up to a television set so you’re your little artist can draw on a big screen. This interactive product uses animation sounds images and offers three main play modes. “My Ideas” allows your child to create original artwork with a variety of drawing tools. “Art Sparks” features background images and clip art. “Create a Game” will allow your child to create and play their own games. Players can design their own maze background, pick maze obstacles and choose from a variety of game characters. ETO comes complete with a library of stock images, backgrounds, animation and music options in a uniquely stylized system controller. Using a standard 6’ A/V cord to hook-up to your television, ETO brings creations to life directly on the screen in one easy step.

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