Dramatic Dress Ups™ - Community Helper Collection

Age Range:
    3 - 6



Intro Year:

Toy Types:
    Fantasy Play
 Brand New World / Dramatic Dress Ups™ - Community Helper Collection
This is a fabulous product that will provide your child with hours of fun with dramatic role-play. These authentic-looking costumes come in several sets. Choose from a number of personalities in the Community Helper Dress Ups™ or Fantasy Dress Ups™. Details are embroidered and the soft hats and plush accessories have a realistic appeal, without any hard surfaces or sharp edges. Each kit comes with a curriculum of activities, plus a play script is included in each Fantasy Dress Ups™. The suits are durable and features safe fabrics and quality construction. The Community Helper Collection consists of an airline pilot, chef, construction worker, doctor/dentist/vet, firefighter, nurse, police officer and mail carrier. The Fantasy Collection consists of a dragon, king, knight, prince, princess, queen and wizard. They are sold individually, or in a compete collection.

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