Age Range:
    4 - 12



Intro Year:

Toy Types:
    Construction Toy
    Creative Product
    Fantasy Play
 Playmobil / Zoo
This is a delightful play set that will help your child develop motor skills as they play. Take a trip to the zoo. The knowledgeable zookeeper takes the family on a tour of the four main attractions. The lion family lay in the hot sun while the monkeys swing from the rope. The big Gorilla quietly plays as the giraffe and zebra watch the happy family walk past. The baby elephant and colorful peacock greet the zoo guests. This product comes complete with a small pond, two zoo keepers, and a family of four in six colorful figures and lots of animals to complete the set. It features a System X building with enclosures and fences. Four main areas are enclosed for the animals.

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