My Little Sandbox Play Set - Big Builder

Age Range:
    3 - 8



Intro Year:

Toy Types:
    Creative Product
    Fantasy Play
    Outdoor Product
 Be Good Company / My Little Sandbox Play Set - Big Builder
This is a unique play set that will provide your child with lots of open-ended, creative story time play. With sand as its basic element, this product is designed to play at the kitchen table. It features a 10 x 2 hardwood sandbox, 20 x 20 no mess play mat, ultra fine pearl white sand, grooming rake, pail and shovel, starfish, beach ball, sun umbrella, beach chair and sandcastle, doggie, beach blanket and beach girl. Other sets include Big Builder and DinoLand. Each one features high sides and corners of the wood sandbox, large play mat to place the sandbox on, a re-sealable storage box that helps to prevent major spills and fine grain sand that easily vacuums up.

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