Baby Galilee The World Around Me Sky-Book

Age Range:
    9 - 36 mos



Intro Year:

Toy Types:
    Active Toy
    Creative Product
    Fantasy Play
 Baby Einstein / Baby Galilee The World Around Me Sky-Book
This is an imaginative book that will help keep your baby stimulated and engaged in educational play. Each page is thick, rip-proof, durable and easy for little hands to hold onto. Unfold the book to create a circle that makes a galactic world around your baby. Babies are naturally curious and fascinated by the sights and sounds around them. This educational tool will help your baby’s imagination soar to new heights. Discuss things that fly in the sky, such as insects, balloons, kites, leaves and birds. See how many flying objects your baby can name or observe in the sky. Explore differences between night and day with your little one. Study the sky in bright daylight, and then go back to the same spot at night. What’s missing- the sun, clouds, birds, butterflies, a blue sky? Help your young explorer discover the sky: look up at the sky together and talk about the different shapes, colors and patterns of the clouds you both see. This product was designed by a mom. It is an excellent way for children and caregivers to interact and has a lot of lasting value.

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