Zen Baby DVD

Age Range:
    1 - 24 mos



Intro Year:

Toy Types:
    Video Tape
 Zen Baby / Zen Baby DVD
This calming, tranquil video features artful images that will help your baby to relax. It has piano, Brazilian guitar, body percussion and sounds of nature. Zen Baby is a celebration of a day spent with a young child- playtime, discovery, and peaceful evenings. Captivate your little one by beautiful images and natural sounds. This video will help with developing vocabulary and observation skills. It will help to create peaceful and well-being in the home while it fosters bonding between you and your child. Encourage your little one to observe their world, unwind at the end of the day and share love of learning. It provides beautiful images, natural sounds, 30 minutes of beauty and sounds of nature. It creates peace and well-being fosters, wonder and learning and discovery of beauty and nature. Itís great for parents and children to enjoy together.

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