Racing Car (Model #7.01)

Age Range:
    9 - 12



Intro Year:

Toy Types:
    Construction Toy
    Creative Product
 Mic-O-Mic Americas / Racing Car (Model #7.01)
This is a fun construction kit that features a sharp and colorful nine inch long race car. This puzzle is an intermediate model that is sturdy and easy-to-assemble. Your child’s imagination will unfold as they drive their new creation to a fun place. It is also a great accessory to decorate your child’s room. These products feel good and are made from high quality plastics, unbreakable with patented plugs and clips that are almost impossible to take apart. Disassembly requires a plug extractor, included in each kit. Instructions for each of the projects are included that will help your child to develop their own fine motor and cognitive skills. They can do the projects alone, with an adult, or with friends. The pieces are challenging, colorful and provide open ended creative play. They look and feel good and are products children are proud to create and display.

A winner in our Summer Vacation Program, this is an amazing series of construction products. The designer, Klaus Micklitz or Germany has been awarded prizes for design in Europe. He has been designing since 1964 and is considered one of the top design groups in the world. His first toys were introduced to Europe in 1985. Other products can be seen in the Best Vacation Program.

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