Color Your Own Chinese Kite Kit

Age Range:
    8 - 12



Intro Year:

Toy Types:
    Arts and Crafts
    Active Toy
    Creative Product
    Outdoor Product
 Noodle Head / Color Your Own Chinese Kite Kit
This is a wonderfully creative product that will allow your child to design and fly their very own Chinese kite. Your child’s imagination will soar with this unique craft kit that is made of bamboo and silk-like fabric. It comes in three pre-printed designs: owl, fish and butterfly. Decorate your kite using the ten non-toxic markers included. Encourage your child to be active while creative with this kite kit. Once decorated, it is easy to assemble the kite and attach the kite string and handle for flying outdoors. It makes a terrific room decoration also. An easy to follow instruction booklet is included with an educational insert detailing the fascinating history of kite crafting and flying in Asia. This is a great toy to enjoy as party activities or use in school and home.

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