Laugh 'n Learn Silly Songs

Age Range:
    3 - 6



Intro Year:

Toy Types:
    Compact Disc
 Kimbo Educational / Laugh 'n Learn Silly Songs
"Laugh 'N Learn Silly Songs CD, by Dr. Pam Schiller, focuses on the benefits of humor on children. Humor enhances memory retention and is good for kids' bodies and brains; it is an important ingredient in the early childhood experience. Don Monopoli of The Learning Station sings 22 zany songs, along with a chorus of children. The accompanying comprehensive guide offers humor and brain information, teriffic action activities, lyrics and literature connections. Laugh 'N Learn is a great value and will get your children moving and having fun. Kimbo Educational was founded by Bob and Gert Kimble 50 years ago. Bob was a dancer and choreographer of children's dance routines. The company published dance records first, followed by musical fitness products primarily for children. Today, Kimbo is run by the sons of the founders, and the focus is still on dance, fitness, music and movement and more."

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