FunSlides Carpet Skates™

Age Range:
    6 - 12



Intro Year:

Toy Types:
    Active Toy
 Simtec / FunSlides Carpet Skates™
FunSlides Carpet Skates™ are a new spin to indoor fun. Just like socks on a hardwood floor FunSlides give you that same fun-powered-glide on carpet. When an indoor activity is needed, children will forget about the rainy day and strap on these cool new skates to participate in the newest carpet craze! Simply strap the friction-resistant plastic bases over your athletic shoes and go! The toe grips make it easy to push off and safe to walk in. One size fits all, so adults can get on the action too! FunSlides are a safe, soft alternative to skating: great for learning the fundamentals of hockey or the balance skills for skateboarding or inline skating. Strap them on for an Olympic inspired ice skating performance or find a large area for a carpet hockey competition. The Carpet Puck is a perfect addition to FunSlides and is made of an ultra smooth plastic surrounded by soft foam. Funslides come in four colors.

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